Cooling and warehouse logistics

We possess our own logistics and warehouse infrastructure with modern ventilation system, good internal transport equipment and 24-hour security.

We offer a very wide range of storage services. Apart from storing and completion we also perform various tasks related to the goods entrusted to us – packing, marking, labelling, laminating and other works forming comprehensive customer service.

With the development of technology and logistic options, the storage of perishable goods in refrigerators became a very important stage of distribution. Therefore we cooperate tightly with our contractors and offer them appropriate storage solutions which will ensure the microbiological safety of their goods and compliance with the requirements and national standards. We specialise in the storage and freezing of food products, with the capability to store ca. 3000 Euro pallets.

Our warehouses:

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    refrigerated (temperature range -30C to -18C)
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    temperature controlled (temperature range 0 to +10C
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We guarantee the highest standards of service

As part of warehouse logistics we provide the following services:

• mechanical and manual loading, including stacking and weighing
• product and documentation quality control
• supervising the goods, marking, preparing for shipping, re-allocation or sales
• sorting and packaging goods, forming shipments and palletising
• marking and labelling goods
• filling transport documents
• registration of the movement of goods in the warehouse and reporting conducted operations